Think Watch Feel

Think Watch Feel Do was the result of my final group project at Hyper Island. We chose to create something that would last, we didn’t just want a concept this time round.

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Think Watch Feel Do Branding

Think watch feel do is a resource dedicated to fuel self led learning. We made this project for you, for ourselves and for everyone else who wants to learn and do more! It’s not about what to learn, it’s about how to learn.

The Task we gave ourselves: How can we continue to learn outside the day to day workspace? How do we help others do the same? We tackled this by looking for inspiration and techniques to self lead our learning by contacting and selecting key thinkers, conducting interviews and finding out what methods they use and to continue to document these along with our own reflections in a way others can access.View the whole presentation.

Work completed at HYPER ISLAND By: Katy Jackson ‎@suninthecorner Richard Trovatten @RTrovatten Jesper Bröring @jbroring Stephen Kavanagh @steokavanagh Kate Hollowood @katehollowood Santiago Ramos @santiagoisramos Alex Hunting @AlHunting Priya Ghai @PriyaGhai