Abracademy Magic School

We’re launching a magic school. Online lessons, Magic kits and offline summer camps!

Find it at abracademy.com


We’re running a 5 day magic summer camp in the beginning of august in an amazing location in London and we’re looking to fill the course with excited 12-17 year olds who want to learn some amazing skills.

They will learn a whole bunch of magic tricks, they’ll get a box of magic tricks and lessons from great magicians on not just magic but the art of improv and performance.

You can read more about the course at abracademy.com and you can use or share the discount code: MAGICFRIENDS for 10% off. (It’s a pretty good deal for 5 days of magic in a great London Location) We are also editing and working on the online version of the course which is available to all and you can sign up to be notified here: http://www.abracademy.com/courses.html

We’re at the beginning of this magical startup and need the help we can get to spread the word and any feedback people have for us.