69.2% thinking, 30.8% pushing pixels. Approximately.

Currently designing, thinking and workshopping at Idean UK

There are things out there that really suck; systems and experiences that affect people’s lives. I’m interested in making these better.

I’m happiest when I’m learning and most hardworking when I’m around like-minded and passionate people.

Contact information

The fastest way of getting my attention is to send me a tweet @suninthecorner. If it’s a little more wordy then email me at katy@suninthecorner.com.

Jobs n' that

Idean UK in London
After 5 years at Adaptive Lab the company joined Idean and is now Idean UK - same job but different. Currently Lead Product Designer and historic landmark, having stuck around for so long.

Adaptive Lab in London
5 whole years and counting, at Adaptive Lab (now Idean UK) as Designer, workshopper and big thinker. I’m fond of thinking about how we work as well as what we produce.

Desktime in Chicago
I spent 3 months Interning at the fabulous Desktimeapp.com in Chicago. Working on User Experience and User Research. Whilst writing my Dissertation for Hyper Island. Here’s me punching my boss, what a guy.

Sam Rosen of Desktime Gif

Hyper Island in Manchester
6 months in rainy Manchester at Hyper Island studying for my Masters Degree. I wrote my dissertation on coworking you can view more about it Here

Here’s a few folks who were forced to be nice about me on camera

SHINE in Glasgow
I got my hands dirty my first 2 years out of college on branding and print design for small businesses and charities.